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PUASAR024 – Undertake Road Crash Rescue

PUASAR024 – Undertake Road Crash Rescue course applies to employees or volunteers who are members of a rescue team and will provide individuals with training to safely complete various types of onsite emergencies. The course equips participants with the skills to perform complex rescues of a trapped casualty from a motor vehicle and will equip them with a range of techniques, and to operate specialist equipment to undertake the rescue.

PUASAR024 – Undertake Road Crash Rescue course provide individuals with the skills and knowledge required to gain access to and extricate casualties from vehicles that have crashed on the road, such as cars, motorcycles, buses, vans, tracks and semi-trailers, whilst minimising the potential for further injury and preserving the integrity of evidence.

The skills in this course are applied in accordance with Commonwealth and State/Territory legislation, Australian/New Zealand standards and industry codes of practice. No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication.

      Provider of Training and Assessment

      This course “Training and assessment delivered on behalf of Allens Training RTO 90909” by Safe Act Pty Ltd
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      Important information prior to enrolment

      Unit(s) Being Delivered
      The following unit(s) will be awarded to successful participants in this course. The certificate will be issued by Allens Training Pty Ltd RTO 90909;

      Course Location

      This course will be delivered

      Entry Requirments

      Holding the pre-requisite unit HLTAID011 Provide First Aid.

      Holding the pre-requisite unit PUASAR022 Participate in a rescue operation.

      Additionally, students must have the physical capability to be able to physically gain access to and extricate entrapped casualty/s from vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, buses, trucks and semi-trailers.

      Course Duration
      • Face to Face – 15 hours (minimum) – full face to face course.
      • Blended delivery – N/A.
      • Online delivery with face to face – N/A.
      • Refresher training – N/A.
      Course Fees and Payments
      • Please refer to our booking calendar for individual course fees.
      • Refund and fee protection policy – Please refer to the student handbook.
      • Payment Terms – Payment for individual participants is upfront, group booking payment terms are based on agreement between the client and service provider.
      Assessment Requirements

      Individuals undertaking this course will be expected to complete both written and practical assessment tasks.

      Certificate Renewal Requirements

      This certificate does not require renewal

      Learning Rights, Responsibilities and Support, including Complaints

      Please note that enrolment to this course is made with Allens Training Pty Ltd RTO 90909. Please refer to the student handbook located on the RTO website ( for all details relating to rights and responsibilities including complaints and appeals.

      Work Placement Arrangements

      No work placement will be required as part of this course.

      Assessment Activities

      Performance tasks: 

      • Prepare and respond to road crash rescue
      • Establish and maintain rescue scene safety
      • Manage casualties 
      • Remove casualties from entrapment
      • Conclude road crash rescue operations

      Theory assessment  A written assessment consisting of multiple-choice and short answer questions. The student must complete all assessment questions.

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      PUASAR024 – Undertake Road Crash Rescue

      This intensive training will empower you with life-saving techniques, enabling you to respond swiftly and effectively in critical situations. With PUASAR024 – Undertake Road Crash Rescue training, you’ll become a certified force for good, ready to handle even the most challenging scenarios.

      In this course, you’ll unravel vehicle stabilisation, ability to safely manipulate heavy machinery. Become proficient in the use of specialized tools and cutting-edge equipment, gaining the confidence to dismantle wreckage and free trapped individuals. We will encompass everything from understanding vehicle structures to executing controlled demolitions.

      But it’s not just about the technical skills, PUASAR024 – Undertake Road Crash Rescue also emphasizes compassion and effective communication. Learn how to comfort and assess the injured, offering them a reassuring presence amidst the chaos. Develop your leadership skills, ensuring a seamless coordination of efforts among emergency responders, and leaving a lasting impact on the lives you touch.

      At the end of your training, you’ll emerge as a certified road crash rescue specialist, armed with the ability to make a difference when every second counts. Your newfound knowledge will open doors to join emergency response teams, fire services, and even become a vital asset in the healthcare sector.

      Join us on this thrilling journey of courage, resilience, and unwavering commitment. Experience the exhilaration of empowered responsibility and the satisfaction of saving lives. PUASAR024 – Undertake Road Crash Rescue awaits you?

      Road crash rescue operations are high-stakes situations where trained personnel respond to accidents, extricate trapped victims, and provide life-saving assistance. The PUASAR024 – Undertake Road Crash Rescue unit of competency, plays a crucial role in preparing emergency responders to handle these complex scenarios effectively. We will explore the key aspects of PUASAR024 – Undertake Road Crash Rescue, including its objectives, core competencies, and the importance of professional training for road crash rescue operations.

      Successful completion of PUASAR024 – Undertake Road Crash Rescue demonstrates an individual’s ability to respond to vehicle accidents, assess the situation, and extricate trapped victims while adhering to safety protocols and industry standards.

      Comply with legal and safety requirements is primary objective of this unit is to ensure that emergency responders are well-versed in legal and safety requirements associated with road crash rescue operations, including Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) regulations.

      Scene assessment and management lets the candidates learn to assess the accident scene, establish a safe working environment, and effectively manage the incident to prevent further harm.

      Vehicle stabilization and extrication emphasizes the safe and efficient extrication of victims from vehicles, including techniques for stabilising vehicles and using specialized tools and equipment.

      Medical considerations is required by responders and trained to provide basic medical care to trapped victims, addressing immediate life-threatening conditions.

      Effective communication and teamwork are essential for coordinating complex rescue operations involving multiple responders and agencies.

      PUASAR024 – Undertake Road Crash Rescue operations are intricate and dynamic, often requiring immediate action and effective coordination among multiple agencies and responders. Proper training, like PUASAR024 – Undertake Road Crash Rescue, is essential for several reasons:

      Safety: Trained responders are better equipped to ensure their own safety and the safety of victims during extrication procedures.

      Efficiency: Professional training allows responders to work quickly and effectively, increasing the chances of saving lives in time-critical situations.

      Legal compliance: Adhering to legal and safety requirements is crucial to avoid legal consequences and to provide the highest level of care to victims.

      Teamwork: Effective communication and coordination are pivotal in road crash rescue operations. Training reinforces the importance of collaboration among various responders.

      Quality care: Trained personnel are more likely to provide high-quality medical care to victims, potentially reducing the severity of injuries and improving outcomes.

      PUASAR024 – Undertake Road Crash Rescue is a critical unit of competency that equips emergency responders with the knowledge and skills needed to handle road crash rescue operations safely and efficiently. The objectives and core competencies covered by this unit emphasise legal compliance, scene assessment, vehicle stabilisation, extrication techniques, patient care, and effective communication. Professional training is essential for preparing responders to face the dynamic challenges of road crash rescue and to provide the best possible care to those in need. By undertaking this training, individuals contribute to the safety and well-being of their communities, ultimately making a significant impact in times of crisis.