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RIIWHS204E – Work Safely At Heights

The RIIWHS204E – Work Safely At Heights course is designed for new and experienced personnel required to work safely at heights at an operational level typically in the resources and infrastructure industries. The course will expose students to a broad range of height risk situations and to implement safe working procedures according to the regulations and legislative requirements governing working safely at heights.   

Students will learn to identify risks and implement appropriate control measures as well as interpret and apply risk assessment documentation, technical and safety information as well as understand the strengths and limitations of the fall protection equipment available for working safely at heights. 

Students will perform two work safely at heights scenarios using various safety systems. This includes installing equipment checking and correctly fitting, adjusting and anchoring fall protection systems and associated equipment.

      Provider of Training and Assessment

      This course “Training and assessment delivered on behalf of Allens Training RTO 90909” by Safe Act Pty Ltd
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      Important information prior to enrolment

      Unit(s) Being Delivered
      The following unit(s) will be awarded to successful participants in this course. The certificate will be issued by Allens Training Pty Ltd RTO 90909;

      Course Location

      This course will be delivered

      Entry Requirments

      An individual undertaking this course with Allens Training Pty Ltd will need to demonstrate the following to be eligible for entry: 

      • Psychological and physical capability to be able to meet the demands of the practical demonstrations for this course, such as the undertaking of the requirements to work safely at heights wearing appropriate PPE and using appropriate fall protection equipmentParticipants will need sufficient physical ability to lift equipment infrequently from ground to overhead and access heights above 2m. 

      • Protective slip resistant footwear/safety shoes and comfortable/practical clothing must be provided by the student and worn during the practical sessions and assessment. 

      • Language, literacy and numeracy requirements – students must be able to read and correctly interpret required documentation relevant to working at height, speak clearly and unambiguously in English, explain, describe and verify sometimes complex needs and issues and understand the risk assessmenrequirements. Writing is required to the level of completing workplace forms and producing any required reports. Numeracy is required to the level of being able to correctly calculate total fall distances for example. 

      Course Duration
      • Face to Face – 7 hours.
      • Blended delivery – N/A.
      • Online delivery with face to face – N/A.
      • Refresher training – 5 hours.
      Course Fees and Payments
      • Please refer to our booking calendar for individual course fees.
      • Refund and fee protection policy – Please refer to the student handbook.
      • Payment Terms – Payment for individual participants is upfront, group booking payment terms are based on agreement between the client and service provider.
      Assessment Requirements

      Individuals undertaking this course will be expected to complete both written and practical assessment tasks.

      Certificate Renewal Requirements

      This certificate does not require renewal, however lots of site requirements require renewal every 2 years

      Learning Rights, Responsibilities and Support, including Complaints

      Please note that enrolment to this course is made with Allens Training Pty Ltd RTO 90909. Please refer to the student handbook located on the RTO website ( for all details relating to rights and responsibilities including complaints and appeals.

      Work Placement Arrangements

      No work placement will be required as part of this course.

      Assessment Activities

      Performance tasks: 

      • Work safely at heights on at least two occasions, including: 
        • on a brittle surface with several skylights

        • on a flat surface with uneven ground conditions

      • Assess hazards and risks associated with working at heights and implement appropriate control methods 
      • Select, wear and care for personal protective equipment 
      • Identify required safety systems including fall protection and associated equipment 
      • Check the correct fitting, adjust and anchor fall protection and associated equipment 

      Documentation – The student must complete all documentation according to the required standard:

      • Access, interpret and apply technical and safety information. including the JSEA/ SWMS for each scenario, for working at heights  
      • Complete an equipment maintenance log

      Theory assessment  A written assessment consisting of multiple-choice and short answer questions. The student must successfully complete all assessment questions.

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      RIIWHS204E – Work Safely At Heights

      The RIIWHS204E – Work Safely At Heights course equips workers with the knowledge and skills to safely work at height in various situations, meeting your legal requirements and feel safer in your workplace with our extensive height safety education at Safe Act

      RIIWHS204E – Work Safely At Heights

      Introducing RIIWHS204E – Work Safely At Heights, Unlock Your Potential with Safe Act!

      Are you ready to take your workplace safety to new heights? Look no further than RIIWHS204E – Work Safely At Heights, a course designed to equip workers with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate various height-related challenges.

      At Safe Act, we understand the importance of a safe working environment. That’s why we’ve partnered with Allens Training Pty Ltd to deliver this nationally recognised training program. With our extensive height safety education, you can meet your legal requirements and instill a culture of safety in your workplace.

      Our comprehensive course covers a range of assessment activities, from working on brittle surfaces with skylights to tackling flat surfaces with uneven ground conditions. You’ll learn how to assess hazards and risks associated with working at heights and implement appropriate control methods. We’ll also guide you on selecting, wearing, and caring for personal protective equipment, as well as identifying the required safety systems and fall protection equipment.

      Working at heights is a common and often necessary task across various industries, but it comes with inherent risks. Falling from heights remains a leading cause of workplace fatalities and injuries. To mitigate these risks, it is imperative to equip workers with the knowledge and skills to ensure their safety while working at elevated positions. This article explores the significance of the RIIWHS204E – Work Safely At Heights course, which plays a pivotal role in enhancing worker safety and competence in various height-related scenarios.

      RIIWHS204E – Work Safely At Heights course covers a wide range of topics, including risk assessment, hazard control measures, equipment use, and emergency response protocols. Here’s how this course equips workers with the knowledge and skills they need to safely work at heights:

      Risk Assessment and Hazard Identification

      A fundamental aspect of the RIIWHS204E – Work Safely At Heights course course is teaching workers how to identify potential hazards and assess risks associated with working at heights. They learn to recognise environmental, equipment, and human factors that could lead to accidents. This knowledge helps workers make informed decisions and develop strategies to minimise risks.

      Appropriate Equipment Use

      RIIWHS204E – Work Safely At Heights course provides comprehensive training on the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE), such as harnesses, lanyards, and anchor points. Workers learn how to select and inspect their equipment, ensuring it meets safety standards. This ensures that they are well-prepared for safe work at heights and can confidently use their gear.

      Safe Work Practices

      Workers are educated on the best practices for working at heights, emphasising the importance of proper communication, teamwork, and adherence to safety procedures. They learn techniques for safely ascending, descending, and moving on elevated surfaces, as well as the correct way to secure themselves using various equipment.

      Emergency Response

      The RIIWHS204E – Work Safely At Heights course covers emergency response protocols, enabling workers to react effectively in case of an accident or an emergency at heights. This includes understanding rescue techniques, assessing the condition of an injured coworker, and promptly seeking assistance.

      Legal Compliance

      Compliance with occupational health and safety regulations is critical. The course ensures that workers are well-versed in the applicable laws and regulations governing working at heights. This knowledge helps organisations avoid legal complications and fines while keeping workers safe.

      Benefits of RIIWHS204E – Work Safely At Heights Training

      1. Reduced Accidents and Injuries is primary benefit of this course is a significant reduction in accidents and injuries related to working at heights. Workers who complete RIIWHS204E – Work Safely At Heights training are better equipped to recognize and mitigate risks, making workplaces safer.
      2. Improved Competence with workers gain the skills and knowledge to perform tasks at heights with confidence and efficiency. This enhances their overall competence, productivity, and job satisfaction.
      3. Legal Compliance with Employers who ensure their workers complete RIIWHS204E – Work Safely At Heights training demonstrate a commitment to legal compliance, which is essential for avoiding penalties and maintaining a positive reputation.
      4. Cost Savings by reducing the number of workplace accidents leads to cost savings for organisations in terms of workers’ compensation claims, medical expenses, and potential legal fees.


      The RIIWHS204E – Work Safely At Heights course is an invaluable resource for workers and employers across industries where working at heights is a common task. Equipping workers with the knowledge and skills to safely navigate elevated work environments is not only a legal requirement but also a moral obligation. By investing in this training, organisations foster a culture of safety, reduce incidents, and ultimately save lives. Whether you’re an employer or an employee, recognising the importance of this course is a step towards elevating safety in the workplace.


      RIIWHS204E - Work Safely At Heights