Health Services

Safe Act provides coverage and support for your events or worksite, including return-to-work case management programs, ensuring your company is compliant with legislation and protected under duty of care provisions, providing complete Event Medical Service to worksite, schools, entertainment, sporting events or trade shows – anywhere the public will be; we can provide qualified first aid personnel and medical risk management strategies.

As well, Safe Act can examine the occupational health effects of exposure to hazards in the workplace from the effects of chemical, physical, biological and emotional hazards on your employees and come up with cost efficient control solutions.

We can advise you on range of occupational hygiene and toxicology hazards in your workplace and is it an actual or potential source of harm to the health, safety or well being of exposed individuals, and can help in a preventive role in training staff and management to identify and remedy hazards in the workplace. We can also audit management’s performance in carrying out their occupational health and safety responsibilities.

Environmental health hazards in your workplace could be:-6

  • Physical: noise, heat, light, radiations
  • Chemical: gases, vapours, mists, dusts, and fumes
  • Biological: micro-organisms

Electrical safety hazards in your workplace could be:-

  • defective wiring or apparatus, sparking
  • accessing HV areas, permit system

Structural safety hazards in your workplace could be:-

  • moving machinery, vehicle movement, obstructions
  • Verification of Competency (VOC) of operators

Ergonomic hazards in your workplace could be:-

  • workplace and workstation design, manual handling

Psycho-social hazards in your workplace could be:-

  • shiftwork, heavy workload, staff relationships, threat of violence, workplace bullying

Also as qualified return to work coordinators, we can help you to develop and implement a return to work program, educating your workforce, help set up injury record keeping and return to work statistics and developing policies and strategies.

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