Environmental Services

Safe Act can identify your regulatory requirement, assess your developments and activities that may impact on environment and to promote best practice, and provides a structured approach to planning and implementing environment protection measures.

Assisting you through:-

  • minimise your environmental liabilities
  • maximize the efficient use of resources
  • reduce your waste
  • demonstrate a good corporate image
  • build awareness of the environment among employees
  • gain a better understanding of the environment and their impacts of business activities
  • increase profit, improving performance, through more efficient operations

Developing programs in :-

  • air quality
  • noise levels
  • compliance
  • waste strategy
  • water
  • sustainability
  • biodiversity
  • climate change
  • natural resource extraction

The concept of sustainability is based on the premise that people and their communities are made up of social, economic, and environmental systems that are in constant interaction and that must be kept in harmony or balance if the community is to continue to function to the benefit of its inhabitants— now and in the future by,

  • Maintain and, if possible, enhance, the quality of life.
  • Enhance local economic vitality.
  • Promote social and intergenerational equity.
  • Maintain and, if possible, enhance, the quality of the environment.
  • Incorporate disaster resilience and mitigation into its decisions and actions.
  • Use a consensus-building, participatory process when making decisions.

It’s our goals to provide clean air, clean water, clean land, acceptable noise levels and sustainable use of resources to protect our environment.

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